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We can assure the following for our Reg 44 service:
  • A consistent Reg 44 visitor for your home
  • A firm emphasis on ensuring the views of children, young people and significant others are reflected in reports
  • All of our consultants have been vetted
  • Professional values applied throughout the visit
  • A visitor who is qualified at management level and has extensive management experience
  • A visitor who has extensive child care qualifications and training
  • A visitor with extensive children’s home management experience
  • A professional, accurate, fair and well written report received in a timely fashion
  • Competitive prices with discounts for long term contracts

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Start up Business Consultancy

Starting up your own business can be one of the most rewarding but challenging experiences you may ever undertake. The child care/education sector is a very unique area to set up in business. To be successful requires an unswerving passion to make a difference in the lives of often very vulnerable children and young people. This alone however, does not mean you will make this a success. Whether you plan to be a Children’s Home, Fostering Agency or Education establishment, you will be governed by countless legislation and regulations. It can be a very overwhelming process trying to navigate your way through the registration process and even when registered, getting up and running can be equally as challenging. Getting things right from the start is a must when you are caring for vulnerable children and young people.

Platinum Care Consultancy has consultants with a wealth of experience and expertise to help guide you through this process. You will be matched with a consultant with the relevant experience of your setting. The time frame and costing will be negotiated dependant on your objectives and service requirements. An individual package and costing will be agreed in advance depending on which of the following areas you require support and guidance with:

  • Selecting and Planning the Setting and Physical Environment
  • Care/Education Planning
  • Developing Systems
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Recruitment, Training and Development of Staff
  • Marketing

Many people have the required ambition and determination to run their own childcare or education provision but just lack the confidence or initial knowledge. At Platinum Care Consultancy we can help you to realise your ambitions by providing the expertise to turn your dream into reality. We can help you to overcome the barriers, put the sleepless nights behind you and run a business which makes a difference.

Please email your enquires to our Directors at: or call us on 07899 916908 for an informal and confidential discussion about your service needs.


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