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We can assure the following for our Reg 44 service:
  • A consistent Reg 44 visitor for your home
  • A firm emphasis on ensuring the views of children, young people and significant others are reflected in reports
  • All of our consultants have been vetted
  • Professional values applied throughout the visit
  • A visitor who is qualified at management level and has extensive management experience
  • A visitor who has extensive child care qualifications and training
  • A visitor with extensive children’s home management experience
  • A professional, accurate, fair and well written report received in a timely fashion
  • Competitive prices with discounts for long term contracts

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Regulation 44 Visits

Outline of Service for Regulation 44 Monitoring Visit

We will provide you with a consistent and experienced Regulation 44 visitor who is qualified at management level, has other necessary care qualifications and has a proven successful track record at a Registered Manager level or above.

We can assure all relevant checks have been undertaken on all of our Consultants regarding their suitability to carry out the visit.

We can assure that the service provided by our Consultants is consistent in the professional values applied, therefore ensuring you and the children in your care have continuity.

We can assure a professional, accurate and well-written report, which will give greater credibility to your service and be used to promote continuous improvement.

You can demonstrate and we can assure a totally independent visitor in line with the amendments to the Children’s Home Regulations from January 2014.

We can provide a different visitor periodically to give a fresh perspective and new ideas.

We can assure that our Consultants are supported, suitably qualified, experienced and kept up to date with the very latest in legislation, policy and guidance.

We can offer unique approaches to gain the views of children and significant others.

Platinum Care Consultancy can undertake this at a competitive price
and can offer discounts on 12 month contracts.

Recognising the need to take 'Time to Talk & Time to Listen'

A vital part of the Regulation 44 visit process is the ability to gain an opinion of the quality of care provided in the home through direct consultation with relevant people. However, it is an unfortunate fact that this crucial part of the process is too frequently diluted or passed over due to various reasons such as, time constraints, lack of interest, daily activities and disengagement of children.

However, at Platinum Care Consultancy we guarantee that on each Regulation 44 visit we will make, ‘Time to Talk & Time to Listen’.

We will work with the service provider and managers to ensure we are able to access quality consultation with significant people including the children and their families.

We will offer flexible visiting or contact times including evenings and weekends, enabling the greater opportunity to engage children in quality consultation.

We will offer various methods of enabling children to understand our role and share their views. This will include an email address and posters/leaflets explaining this.

We will ensure that each individual report is embedded with evidence of our quality consultation.

Providing a consistent Regulation 44 visitor will also ensure that barriers to engagement from the children can be removed.

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