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We can assure the following for our Reg 44 service:
  • A consistent Reg 44 visitor for your home
  • A firm emphasis on ensuring the views of children, young people and significant others are reflected in reports
  • All of our consultants have been vetted
  • Professional values applied throughout the visit
  • A visitor who is qualified at management level and has extensive management experience
  • A visitor who has extensive child care qualifications and training
  • A visitor with extensive children’s home management experience
  • A professional, accurate, fair and well written report received in a timely fashion
  • Competitive prices with discounts for long term contracts

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To meet the requirements of RMFHC (Runaways and Missing from Home and Care) Protocol, Platinum Care Consultancy is able to provide Independent Return Interviews for children and young people following a missing episode.

These provide an opportunity to uncover information that can help protect children from the risk of going missing again, from risks they may have been exposed to while missing or from risk factors in their home.

For children in care placed outside their local authority, it can often be a challenge for Social Workers to visit with the 72 hour required period after their return to undertake these. It can also be a challenge to identify a professional who is truly independent but also has the necessary skills and understanding of the complexities of children and young people going missing to undertake this role.

Our fully vetted Consultants who undertake these visits have undertaken Kent Safeguarding Children’s Board’s training - Undertaking Effective Return Interviews Level 2. They also have the necessary skills, training and experience to engage with children and young people when carrying these out.

These are undertaken in line with Kent Safeguarding Children’s Board procedures which include using their documentation, the process of the interview and notification procedures after they have taken place. This ensures your practices are consistent with local procedures.

We can offer flexible visiting times to suit the needs and wishes of the children and young people.

Please email your enquires to our Directors at: or call us on 07899 916908 for an informal and confidential discussion about your service needs.


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