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We can assure the following for our Reg 44 service:
  • A consistent Reg 44 visitor for your home
  • A firm emphasis on ensuring the views of children, young people and significant others are reflected in reports
  • All of our consultants have been vetted
  • Professional values applied throughout the visit
  • A visitor who is qualified at management level and has extensive management experience
  • A visitor who has extensive child care qualifications and training
  • A visitor with extensive children’s home management experience
  • A professional, accurate, fair and well written report received in a timely fashion
  • Competitive prices with discounts for long term contracts

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About Us

Platinum Care Consultancy is an independent social care and education consultancy company which is based in London and the South East and can provide services across England and Wales.

Established in March 2014, following an increased regulatory requirement for independent quality assurance, we provide a diverse range of services to support the growth, development and evolution of your child care and education service.

We have a number of very experienced consultants within our team with a vast range of professional experience and skills ranging across the social care and education sector. These include: Children's Homes, Fostering Services, Boarding Schools, Independent Special Schools and Mainstream Schools. Our consultants are all currently or have successfully managed within these provisions and are suitably qualified with a range of care, education, management and social work training and qualifications.

We have unique ways of providing services and can adapt these to the needs and individual requirements of your service. These include: Regulation 44 (Previously Reg 33 visits), Standard 20 visits, training, start-up company consultancy, pre and post Ofsted consultancy, Independent Staff/Registered Manager Supervision, independent return interviews following missing persons or restraints and independent complaint investigations.

We have provided services for many different childcare/young adult providers and have predominantly grown through ‘word of mouth’ in recognition of the quality of our work.

We are proud to provide and an extremely high level of service which promotes the interests of service users and supports your organisations on-going development.

Please email your enquires to our Directors at: or call us on 07899 916908 for an informal and confidential discussion about your service needs.


We chose the name ‘Platinum Care Consultancy’ which reflects the level of ‘quality’ we want in every piece of work which our company undertakes. Platinum is commonly known as a symbol of prestige and stability.


We have a logo which symbolises what we aim to achieve. The Spiral is found in every ancient culture throughout the world. It is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices and reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution.


“To support the growth, development and evolution of your care or education provision by consistently delivering a high quality consultancy service which is adapted to suit your individual needs.”


Platinum Care Consultancy - Supporting the growth, development and evolution of your service

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